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Cost effectively find new suppliers and buyers, expand into new markets, spot supply and demand shifts, and optimize trade lanes to strengthen your supply chain resilience and competitive edge.

us import and export global trade database

U.S. Trade Data

  • Unlimited searches & downloads
  • Daily updates (U.S. Import Bill of Lading)
    Value-added BOL fields (incl. standardized company names, TEUs, HS Codes)
  • Historical trade data to track long-term trends*
  • Rapid analysis tools for visualizing & summarizing trade data
  • Company profiles with contact information
Global Import & Export Trade Data

Global Import & Export Trade Data

  • Covering the cross-border trade of nearly every country worldwide
  • Save time identifying new suppliers, buyers, & customers
  • Global search capability across multiple countries within a single platform
  • Explore and investigate opportunities in new international markets
  • Unlimited searches & downloads
  • Automated email alerts & reporting
Global Trade Market Insight

Market Insight

  • Customizable solution to meet your needs
  • Better gauge supply and demand across specific industries
  • Engage directly with our team
  • Incorporate your own industry-specific knowledge and data for greater insights
  • Enhanced search optimization
  • Dashboards, analytics, & visualizations via Microsoft Power BI

Each Datamyne pricing plan includes personalized training & unlimited U.S.-based customer support from our team of experts.


In addition to these packages, we offer a full range of custom options with specialized data fields on all of the countries we cover.

*Datamyne’s historical US import bill of lading data is available back to 2004.

Supplier Sourcing, Sales Lead Generation and Global Trade Research for Enhanced Supply Chain Resilience & Competitive Edge

The world’s biggest global trade database covering import and export data from 230 markets, including Latin America, Russia, China, and Southeast Asia. In addition to in-depth market insights, Descartes Datamyne also provides company and contact details from a variety of sources including those you won’t find anywhere else.

Find out how we can help you enhance your competitive edge and supply chain with solutions that can significantly strengthen your supplier sourcing, sales lead generation and international trade research efforts.

Global Trade Data and Customer Service Sets Us Apart

To compete successfully, companies need to keep close watch on their markets, staying alert to opportunities and risk as they emerge. Datamyne gives you the advantage of having clear and current information about your markets to facilitate effective business decision making.

Our customers tell us that our solutions have helped them to gauge supply and demand for their products, find and prequalify suppliers, enhance logistics, add resilience to supply chains, uncover growing new markets, identify strategic partners, monitor competitors’ cross-border activities, generate sales leads, benchmark performance and more.

“Descartes Datamyne makes the trade data easy to review and analyze. I love all the filters and tabs, and the clean new look that takes full advantage of the wide screen. Mining millions of records is made easier, and customers can immediately get the answers they need.”

Sherry Wang

President, Green Wave Ingredients

Datamyne has assisted us in sharpening our perspectives of major industries’ trade flows. With a globalized supply and increasingly interlinked economies, such a view has become increasingly important.”

Juan Betancourt

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Alcoa

“The data on U.S. shipments is both comprehensive and timely, and we can react upon research results quickly. With so much competition, you must be fast. It’s difficult to imagine how we could have competed as effectively over the years without having quick access to such information.

Rob McInnes

Manager of Business Development, Port of Halifax

All Subscriptions Include In-Person or Online Training, Phone Support and Online Chat

Who Uses Descartes Datamyne Global Trade Data Solutions

Descartes Datamyne offers solutions that can be configured to support the international business requirements and performance objectives of global enterprises, providing in-depth business intelligence for a range of major industry verticals.

Easy access with expert support, at an affordable price, to the largest searchable trade database in the world.

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descartes datamyne global trade data

Descartes Datamyne™ unlocks the value of trade data for business by delivering the latest available import and export information. Content is delivered in a format that makes it easy to research and analyze for unique market insights. Our trade data resources set the industry standard for accuracy, reliability and comprehensiveness.


Markets, across 5 continents are included in our solution. Descartes Datamyne™ features the world’s largest searchable trade database. Gathered directly from official filings with customs agencies and trade ministries, our data is detailed, timely and authoritative.


Of the world’s import-export trade is covered by our data. Sourced from the trading nations of the Americas, Asia, Africa and the EU, Descartes Datamyne™  provides the business intelligence that companies need in today’s competitive marketplace.


Shipment records are added to our database each year. This includes an average of 60,000+ US maritime import Bill of Lading (BOL) records added each day – 24 hours after receipt from U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP).

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