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Gauge supply and demand on a country-by-country basis to efficiently enhance your organization’s global competitive intelligence strategies.

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Access Global Trade Analytics for In-depth Commodity Insights

Descartes Datamyne Global Trade Analytics is an intuitive web-based platform created on Microsoft Power BI™ that contains the datasets of more than 170 countries, with rolling two years of historical data along with the current year data which is refreshed weekly.

The application is a powerful and flexible tool that gives businesses across industry verticals a tailored commodity-based view of global trade to help determine trade patterns and competitive trends, as well as identify global buyers and sellers of commodities in your portfolio.

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Accurately Gauge Supply and Demand to Enhance Supply Chain Resilience


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A complete understanding of the global market is necessary in order to make informed business decisions. Most customers use our global trade analytics to access global import data and global export data to strengthen supply chain resilience by analyzing trade patterns, monitor competitors and identify alternative buyers and suppliers.

Using Microsoft Power BI™, Datamyne’s global trade statistics can be viewed from a single database with advanced analytics and visualizations, making quick work of any market research work undertaken.

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Global Trade Analytics Features and Benefits

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Research Global Trade by Commodity

Develop effective supply chain strategies through research by commodity to get supply and demand trends, and product consumption information.

Save Time Generating Analysis

Perform multi-country research via a single global trade database for faster analysis and strengthened trade and competitive intelligence.

Use the Most Relevant and Current Data

Drill down into HTS and HS code level data that contains the past three years of data, refreshed monthly for enhanced accuracy and relevance.

Efficiently Produce Reports

Create a range of custom reports with Global Trade Analytics including performance rankings of suppliers and buyers, market share, and trends.

Enhanced Analysis via Interactive Platform

Leverage dynamic online visualizations to rapidly filter data, test scenarios and assemble reports for management review and decision-making.

Track Competitors’ Imports and Exports

Gain visibility into the global trade activities of competitors – who they are buying from and selling to, and at what quantities and prices.

Identify Alternative Suppliers and Buyers

Dive into Global Trade Analytics to find new suppliers and buyers, including company names and contact details, to diversify options and enhance supply chain resilience.

Calculate Landed Cost

Assess the viability of opportunities in a multi-country, side-by-side cost comparison, covering duties, taxes, tariff treatment, cost of goods, shipping and other expenses. 

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Use Descartes Datamyne for International Market Research

Doing international market research can be complex and time-consuming. Find out how we can help you. Our customers choose us, because we deliver the best value in global trade intelligence.

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