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Global Trade Data – Countries Covered

Global Trade Coverage, Powered By Customs Import Data From Around The World

Global Trade Coverage

Descartes Datamyne collects and consolidates the cross-border commerce and import/export trade of over 230 markets around the world – the largest global trade database covering all major markets including South America and Mexico, Russia, China and Southeast Asia, along with company and contact details from a variety of sources including those you won’t find anywhere else.

We can help improve your lead generation effort and strengthen your supply chain strategies.

Explore Our Comprehensive List of Countries by Exports and Imports

Locate Commodity Data Insights on a Global Market

Gauging supply and demand for products on a global market is critical to a fluid supply chain. A complete understanding of the global market is necessary to make informed business decisions. Most industries request access to current and comprehensive import and export trade information sourced from customs import data to understand trade patterns and competitors/suppliers.

Descartes Datamyne Global Trade Analytics is designed for a multitude of industry verticals as a competitive intelligence tool utilizing trade data. Global Trade Analytics is an intuitive, web-based platform populated with the detailed datasets and comprehensive importer databases providing trade activities. This product includes 140+ country datasets with rolling 2 years of historical data, plus the current year data which will be refreshed monthly.

Reveal Global Business Intelligence with Comprehensive Importer Databases

To get a broad understanding of the current global trade environment and stay ahead of opportunities and competitors, businesses need quick and easy methods to derive business intelligence from trade and customs import data. However, with so much information available from multiple countries in a range of formats, discovering meaningful intelligence from raw data can be challenging.

Descartes Datamyne Global Trade Profiles is a web-based solution that reveals global importers and exporters trading the products you buy or sell in a single, easy-to-use interface. The solution is complete with company trading profiles and links to the details behind the summarized data. With this information on hand, analysts, consultants, and C-level executives can hone-in on strategic paths for decision making, boost sales, and find the right suppliers for their business.

Descartes Datamyne Global Trade Profiles can reveal global importers and exporters trading the products you buy or sell in a single, easy-to-use interface, complete with company trading profiles and links to the details behind the summarized data.

List of Countries Covered and Available Datasets

Descartes Datamyne™ unlocks the value of trade data for business by delivering the latest available import and export information. Content is delivered in a format that makes it easy to research and analyze for unique market insights. Our trade data resources set the industry standard for accuracy, reliability and comprehensiveness.


Markets, across 5 continents are included in our solution Descartes Datamyne™ features the world’s largest searchable trade database. Gathered directly from official filings with customs agencies and trade ministries, our data is detailed, timely and authoritative.


Of the world’s import-export trade is covered by our data Sourced from the trading nations of the Americas, Asia, Africa and the EU, Descartes Datamyne provides the business intelligence that company's need in today's competitive marketplace.


Shipment records are added to our database each year This includes an average of 26,000 US maritime import Bill of Lading (BOL) records added each day – 24 hours after receipt from U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP).

Take a Test Drive with U.S. Trade Data. See for yourself the power of Datamyne.



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