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Wine Retailers to Feel Little Pain from Hanjin – Wine Industry Insights

Category: Industry Coverage

In contrast to the abject fears of cell phone, toy and computer retailers, drinkers of imported wine and their favorite stores are not likely to feel any holiday pain from the insolvency of South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping, according to Wine Industry Insights.

Based on Datamyne data, Hanjin ranks 14th among carriers of US wine imports, accounting for just 1.3%. Nor does Hanjin play much of a role in US wine exports.

[We found Hanjin ranked 9th carrying 1.8% of TEUs described as containing wine and shipped January-August 2016, according to Datamyne data. We did find some exporters in the beverage category – HS 22 – may be more exposed than vintners. Some West-Coast exporters of bottled water are more reliant on Hanjin, for instance. Niagara Bottling sent 28% of its shipments, and Crystal Geyser shipped 97% of its export TEUs via Hanjin in the January-August period. If you would like to see data on any product category of US imports or exports via Hanjin Shipping, just ask us.]

Read “US Wine Retailers & Drinkers to Feel Little Holiday Pain from Hanjin Bankruptcy” >


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