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Import/Export Trade Intelligence for The Government & The Public Sectors

Market intelligence for transportation infrastructure, economic growth and development initiatives

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Federal, state and local government agencies, as well as NGOs and public-private partnerships, use Datamyne to assess needs, plan and manage programs that implement policy, attract investment, support business formation, and encourage economic activity.

Datamyne is a unique source for information that reveals the businesses, industry clusters and economic hubs in the flow of commerce. Gathered from official Customs records and enhanced with the details of each transaction, our trade data identifies buying and selling companies; contents, volumes and values of shipments; locations and types of facilities. Statistics can be scaled up or down, from zip codes to state, regional or national levels.

How government agencies, EDCs, free trade zones can benefit:

  • Find private-sector partners – Identify potential investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders who are already active in your area … or would be a good match for your area resources or program incentives.
  • Map your area’s economic hubs and networks – Datamyne has teamed with Esri to unlock ‘the power of where.’ You can see clearly where commercial activity is concentrated and where it is underdeveloped with Esri ArcGIS mapping of trade data.
  • Monitor transportation usage – Research historical (back to 2004) and current commercial traffic; identify bottlenecks, alternatives and the most beneficial infrastructure investments.
  • Plan for optimum outcomes – Use up-to-the-minute data (import data is available within 24 hours of release by Customs) to build programs that address on-the-ground conditions and forecasting models pointing to real opportunities.
  • Measure results – Monitor changes in economic activity, assess impacts, fine-tune initiatives … and document solid returns on public investments.

Ready to learn more?

We are eager to show you how Datamyne can help your agency or program accomplish its mission. Contact us to speak with a trade data specialist in government and public-sector applications of commercial data.

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