Searching trade data just got easy

Datamyne’s new product – Datamyne 2.0, featuring enhanced research capabilities and a simplified user interface – will be available in beta beginning Monday, April 11.

People who’ve had a chance to preview the product particularly like the new UI: they’re saying things like it’s “a pleasure to use” and it “makes searching trade data enjoyable.” The feedback from the beta users who have been testing the product has been very good.

Here are some of the features they like best:

  • You build your search queries, and see your results immediately in a quick-loading Previewwindow, all on a single page. You don’t “get lost going back and forth” between search queries and each round of results,  everything stays within view on one page.
  • You can save your search queries to retrieve and rerun periodically with the latest data.
  • You can set up email Alerts to notify you when shipments arrive – you pick the criteria: product, shipper or consignee, origin or destination.

There are also more search options, more ways to customize your view of results, and more analytic tools.

You can try these and other new Datamyne 2.0 features right now: click here to request a demo.

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