Latest stats from The Datamyne show 15.9% jump in February

The Datamyne’s latest statistics from its U.S. imports bill of lading database show imports recovering this February as compared with February 2009, but still short of prerecession levels.

Here are the TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) tallies:

Feb. 2010 1,120,239
Feb. 2009 966,942
Feb. 2008 1,394,173
Feb. 2007 1,442,657

Container shipments from China, the top source for U.S. imports, were up 3.5% in January, and 23.2% in February, compared to the same months one year ago, final figures show.

Earlier data on increased imports coupled with discouraging returns on such indicators as consumer confidence and disposable income led Bill Armbruster to wonder whether the surge in imports is a triumph of hope over reality (see Cockeyed Optimism).

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