As of Labor Day, Global Trade was taking legal steps to prevent seizures of its ships and Hyundai Merchant Marine was in talks to take on some of the bankrupt carrier’s assets and customers.

But what if the Hyundai deal falls through, asked Global Trade, and Hyundai is not able to ride to the rescue. Details of the potential disruption to the supply chains of companies in the US and abroad can be found in trade data released by Datamyne.

For instance, at risk of significant disruption is Samsung Electronics, the top shipper and importer on Hanjin Shipping’s Asia to US routes. LG Electronics, Thai Samsung Electronics, Ricoh Asia and Flextronics Manufacturing round out Hanjin’s top five shippers of containerized imports bound for the US.

In addition to Samsung’s US affiliates, top importers relying on Hanjin include Fred Meyer, Coaster of America and Bissell Homecare.

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