Talking Logistics: Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2017

What is the #1 technology topic Descartes CEO Ed Ryan is asked about? Drones.

Which is why a drone took flight above the audience at his keynoter at the Descartes Evolution 2017 Global User & Partner Conference in March.

Coolness factor aside, as Ryan pointed out, there are plenty more innovations impacting logistics here and now. Writing in Talking Logistics, Adrian Gonzalez reviews the conference coverage of innovations on the near and far horizons – from last mile, omni-channel delivery to blockchain and driverless vehicles.

Gonzalez (who moderated a session at the conference executive forum) also takes note of industry trends that emerged at the conference. For example, from a panel of Descartes Transportation Management customers: “shippers are finally focused on inbound transportation management, with drop shipping, dock scheduling, and vendor/carrier portal capabilities becoming more important.”

He also takes a look Descartes Datamyne resources and their potential to support the creation of a commerce graph.

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