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U.S. tariffs on imported photovoltaic solar cells and modules sought by U.S. solar manufacturers are having an impact on U.S. solar system installers, according to analysis from Solar Magazine that cites Descartes Datamyne trade data.

The tariffs imposed [date] are intended to stem the flow of low-cost solar energy system components into the U.S. which has undermined the U.S. industry, say U.S. manufacturers, citing the failure of nearly 30 producers over the past five years.

But downstream, solar developers and, especially, rooftop installers worry the duties will jeopardize the cost-competitiveness of their product, putting the brakes on one of the economy’s fastest growing sectors and leading to job losses.

Read the Solar Magazine article “New U.S. Duties on Chinese Solar PV Imports Isn’t the Last Word on International Trade Dispute” »

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