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Enhancing B2B Lead Generation with Import-Export Trade Data

Quality lead generation is critical to drive-up sales and diversify revenue. However, it can be challenging for logistics service providers to target the right sales prospects. Add-in multiple commodities, countries of export, and even internal processes such as sales territories, and the task to discover the right opportunities is made more complex.

Descartes Lead Generator™ delivers actionable insight from large volumes of maritime import-export data. With this solution in place, it’s easy to identify new opportunities and refine by location, product, ports, and more. Descartes Lead Generator can rapidly pinpoint trade shifts and market patterns for a given commodity, industry, or competitor.

The solution dynamically responds to user-defined parameters to deliver uniquely tailored results. For example, simply select a state, and the interactive dashboard automatically updates to display only those shippers or importers in that location. The top carriers, Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers (NVOCCs), U.S. and foreign ports, products imported or exported, TEUs, percent gross tonnage, and many other details also simultaneously refresh in tandem.

A custom blend of perfectly refined company-level names, TEU volumes, commodities that crossed borders and more can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel for distribution to business development teams, or for further market analysis.

Descartes Lead Generator is extensible and can grow in parallel to business growth. With the “Pro” level solution, businesses can enhance the level of refinement or result choices such LCL/FCL, U.S. company city and zip code, controller type (VOCC/NVOCC), U.S. and foreign cargo controller, and more.

freight forwarding sales leads

With Descartes Lead Generator, it’s easy to refine options and export the results into Microsoft Excel to boost the sales potential.


Descartes Datamyne Lead Generator features the ability to:

  • Export a Microsoft Excel report including company names, addresses, phone numbers, Harmonized System (HS) codes, carriers and trade lanes
  • Rapidly select refinement options from an intuitive drop-down list or locate results from a search
  • Interact with an intuitive, dynamic dashboard
  • Sort results with a click
  • Save filtered reports for further analysis
  • Drill down to reveal more robust details
  • Expand any chart or table to view in greater detail
  • Leverage shipment details in TEUs as well as % Gross Tonnage


With Descartes Datamyne Lead Generator, businesses can:

  • Drive up growth by generating leads that match business requirements
  • Rapidly analyze competitive trends, and top trading partners
  • Stay informed of key import-exports changes over time at the local, port, country or regional level
  • Quickly gauge the key players, top products, or focus locations in a market niche
  • Increase efficiency by analyzing trends at a glance
  • Rapidly locate potential new suppliers of products traded internationally

With Descartes Lead Generator, it’s easy to refine results by:

  • U.S. Company and state
  • Carrier or NVOCC Company Name
  • Foreign Company Name
  • HS Code 2-Digit
  • HS Code 2-Digit Description
  • HS Code 6-Digit
  • HS Code 6-Digit Description
  • U.S. Port Region
  • U.S. Port
  • Foreign Port
  • Foreign Country
  • Foreign Country Region

Then view and analyze details including a:

  • Foreign Company TEUs Chart
  • Foreign Company Name, TEUs & %GT TEUs Table
  • U.S. Company TEUs Chart
  • U.S. Company Name, TEUs & %GT TEUs Table
  • Carrier/NVOCC Chart
  • World Map of TEUs by Country
  • Foreign Country TEUs & %GT TEUs Table
  • Foreign Country Region TEUs & %GT TEUs Table
  • HS Code 2 Digit Description Chart
  • HS Code 6 Digit Description Chart
  • Foreign Port TEUs Chart
  • Pie Chart of U.S. Port TEUs
  • Year-over-Year Trend Analysis of TEUs by Month

And export the results as a:

  • U.S. Company Result Table and Excel Export
  • Foreign Company Result Table and Excel Export


Options available in Descartes Lead Generator Pro also include refinement by:

  • U.S. Company City
  • U.S. Company Zip Code
  • Controller Type (VOCC/NVOCC)
  • U.S. Cargo Controller (Name of Carrier/NVOCC)
  • Foreign Cargo Controller

Additional visual and charts-drive features in Descartes Lead Generator Pro include a:

  • World Map of TEUs by Country by Controller Type
  • U.S. Company Result Table and Excel Export with Zip Code & County
  • Chart Detail by Controller Type (VOCC/NVOCC)

Download a PDF brochure of Descartes Lead Generator.