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Maritime Market Insight:
US Trade Data Customized for Logistics Services

Market views of the current US supply-demand and competitive landscape for the transport and logistics industry.

Dynamic reports via customized dashboards capture market penetration and growth potential.

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Driven by the latest US import and export bill of lading data from US Customs, our Maritime Market Insight delivers competitive intelligence via customer-defined dashboards that reveal the volumes, products and flow of shipments, as well as the carriers and intermediaries who move them from shipper to consignee.


Sample the Interactive Dashboards


Sample Market Insight report: This interactive dashboard shows a sample NVOCC company’s current TEU and shipment share of the US import market. This can be customized for your individual transportation company to compare your markets.

Click through the two pages to see a full picture of this Sample NVOCC’s penetration in the US import and export market. 1. US Import Market Overview: Port Pairs, Country of Origin, Carrier, Commodity, and World Region. 2. Detailed US Market Trends: Monthly TEU graph, US State Destination, Master Shipper, Foreign Port, Consignee and more. 3. US Export Market Overview: Shipper Companies, Destination Country, Foreign Arrival Port, Cargo Origin State, Commodity Group and more.

Try this: Click on ‘Sample NVOCC’ and ‘NVOCC’ The dashboard will reload to profile the market share of the NVOCC company compared to the full NVOCC import market. Drill into a commodity like textiles and see potential growth and common trade lanes used. Go on and explore … to see even more, ask for a free demo.



How We Optimize the Maritime Market Data that Matters Most to You


We use every scrap of information on US import and export shipping manifests. Beyond the standard fields covering shipper, consignee and carrier, we analyze vessel information, cargo descriptions, weights, notations, marks and numbers for indicators of service levels and product grades, classes, categories. Our data mining algorithms are developed in consultation with our maritime clients, including ports, carriers, NVOCCs, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

You access this market data via a dashboard customized to meet your information needs for marketing, sales, business development, service provisioning, and more. Choose your strategic market metrics. Filter data to focus on your target sales territories, trade lanes, industry sectors and customer profiles. Create a map of your competitive landscape that captures market share and opportunity.

Benefits of Maritime Market Insight

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Visual analytics

Market Insight turns the steady stream of manifest data into a coherent picture that’s easy for everyone (but especially non-techies) to watch, manipulate, interpret and share results.


dtm market insight icon step ahead

Near real-time data

Your team has online access to fully scrubbed and processed import and export data on our interactive report platform – updated weekly.


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A dashboard for every player on your team

We work with you to adapt visualizations to suit organizational needs – so your sales, marketing, operations and logistics services people can get to just the intelligence they need. Select and configure datasets, ongoing analyses, results tables and graphs. – The goal is data-driven decision-making across your company.


dtm market insight icon rapid build

Market Insight that’s uniquely yours

Apply your industry expertise to customize Market Insight for unique competitive analyses and market perspectives. You can add filters, merge other data, and adapt our processing rules to focus on the metrics and segments that matter most to you.


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Ask for a free online demonstration. You can book your demo at a date and time convenient to you.