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Descartes Datamyne™ Market Insight

Improve Insight and Business Intelligence with Accurate Trade Data and Market Research

Leveraging trade data is a challenge for businesses looking to stay ahead of the market. Identifying correct datasets and products, manipulating the data for proper business insight and intelligence, and accurate analysis of critical trends results in businesses expending a lot of energy to compete.

Descartes Datamyne™ Market Insight utilizes customized and in-depth queries to identify the best records and reports from the world’s largest searchable trade database, covering the global commerce of 230 markets across 5 continents.

Access to this accurate market data is delivered faster than anywhere else in the industry, with U.S. maritime data refreshed daily and monthly for international sources. With our U.S. import data, users can research shipment’s importer, supplier , country of origin, destination and more; while our international data reveals shippers, quantities, volumes and value (varies depending on country).

Descartes Datamyne Market Insight works with businesses to identify and deliver the datasets and reports they need. These reports are delivered with rich descriptive detail with the ability to be customized for deep business insight. Users can choose to refine the focus of their queries, cross-reference shipment data with product or company profile information, or combine multiple queries for a broader look at market trends.


The Descartes Datamyne Market Insight Difference

market insight graphic dashboard

Quickly Build Visual Results

With online access to all data via the Microsoft Power BI platform, users can quickly visualize, select, filter and build datasets, generating results in formats that are easy to read and share.

Dynamic Reporting

If a user makes a selection, that choice is immediately reflected in the reports.

Cloud-Based Access

Updated reports are viewable both on desktop and mobile browsers.

Customized per Customer

Reports and queries are unique to each user. Reports can almost be customized for different views or departments (Executive, Sales, Procurement, etc.).

Largest Searchable Trade Database

Search the international data of over 50 countries’ trade with 230 markets.

Descartes Datamyne Market Insight provides faster access to market data to improve insight and drive business intelligence.

Ask for a free online demonstration at a date and time convenient to you.