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Global Import Export Market Intelligence – Marketing Results

Use Datamyne to get the market information you need to expand your business across borders.

Datamyne’s multinational databases make it easy to research international market demand. With Datamyne, you can profile and compare international markets across a range of criteria, including product consumption, commodities production, supply-demand trends, and trade relationships.

Our customers use our data to find markets where demand for their products is growing and to uncover new product opportunities, benchmark performance, and focus marketing and sales. They use our detailed transaction data to identify and research companies that buy and sell domestically and overseas.

1. Scope out market demand for your products

Data shows country markets ranked by value or volume for an export commodity (such as cellular phones) – while year over year data indicates shifting demand (example shown: US exports to Colombia are on the rise).

2. Narrow your focus on opportunities

Look at international market demand for your products in markets such as Mexico, or a market poised for growth, such as Colombia – a good choice as the FTA lowers prices on imports.

3. Identify individual importers

Identify individual importers in international markets. In Colombia, for example, our trade data reveals that there are 349 importers of cell phones with 54 sourcing from US exporters.

4. Study buying patterns and sell your best prospects

Bill of lading data yields details of importers’ shipments – including (as in this sample) volumes, values, timing and logistics – to identify and tailor offers for your best prospects.

Take a Test Drive with U.S. Trade Data. See for yourself the power of Datamyne.



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