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Trade Data for the Transport and Logistics Industry




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In-Depth Industry Solutions

With the most extensive international coverage and comprehensive shipping details for ocean imports and exports delivered every day, Descartes Datamyne for the Logistics Industry captures trade flows and trends, providing businesses greater insights and improving their competitive edge. A leading choice for the world’s carriers, our detailed database is recognized for quality, ease of access, and personalized support from a world-class team of industry experts. Our trade data allows you to gauge demand, allocate resources, identify prospects, and offer your customers additional services.

How Descartes Datamyne Can Help

To compete successfully, companies need to keep close watch on their markets, staying alert to opportunities and risks as they emerge. Descartes Datamyne gives these companies the advantage of having clear and current information about their markets at the point of business decision-making.

With more international coverage, more shipping details – available faster than any other source, Descartes Datamyne allows you to:

Identify, Analyze, & Vet Prospective Customers – Dig into the details of trade activities and access exclusive business profiles and contact information for companies in your market.

Gauge & Monitor Competitive Market Share – Identify shippers, cargos, points of departure and arrival as well as the carriers, non-vessel owning common carriers (NVOCCs), and intermediaries offering transportation in those trade lanes.

Analyze Customers’ Logistics Needs – Get a global view of customers’ cross-border supply chains – allowing you to target new business with data-driven projections.

Improve Resource Allocation & Utilization – Monitor shipment volumes & cargo descriptions. Identify potential disruptions, bottlenecks, and idle capacity allowing you to optimize your operations.

Recognize Opportunities To Offer New Services – Gauge supply and demand. Compare and project trade flows, cycles, volumes, and costs.

Datamyne’s research platform provides simplified search and analysis and reveals bill of lading details, including value-added fields such as TEUs, calculated values, and unified shipper and consignee company names

“I have been a trade data user for over 20 years. Last year I began using Datamyne for a new international market that my company began servicing. The selection of Datamyne was based on three primary criteria: timeliness of data, accuracy of data, and customer service. Datamyne is superior in these three areas.”

– Joe Cruise, VP Yield Management

Transportation and Logistics Providers Importers/Wholesalers Global Companies Financial Services Legal Services Government and Public Sectors Energy Industry Chemicals Industry Food and Beverage Industry Manufacturers

Easy access with expert support, all at an affordable price, to the largest searchable trade database in the world.

Call us at 833.262.2315 or ASK US for a free demo of our full range of international business intelligence solutions.

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