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Trade Data for the Chemical Industry




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In-Depth Industry Solutions

Descartes DatamyneTM for the Chemicals Industry delivers a complete view of international market activities across an industry where innovative products can emerge daily. In this complicated and competitive environment, it’s vital to stay one step ahead. Datamyne’s chemical import and export data provides a near real-time view of the international chemical industry. Organizations can utilize our trade data to research their products and monitor competitors, while managing procurement, purchasing, sales and marketing efforts. Market leaders can also further enhance their prospecting efforts by identifying emerging international markets and opportunities.

Operations and supply chain managers utilize our trade data to map traffic patterns, shipment volumes and distribution hubs to enable more resilient supply chains, efficient routing and nimble inventory & warehouse management.

How Descartes Datamyne Can Help

With access to the trade data of over 230 markets across 5 continents, Descartes Datamyne gives companies the advantage of having clear and current information about their industries, products, and supply chains – allowing more precise and informed business decision-making.

With more international coverage, more shipping details – available faster than any other source, Descartes Datamyne allows you to:

Analyze Markets & Uncover Market Opportunities – Descartes Datamyne provides the latest available data on global chemical trade flows, shipment volumes and values. With this data, users can gauge demand across multiple international markets.

Improve Supply Chain Resiliency – Use import‐export data to plan hedges against price swings and supply chain disruptions, strengthen negotiating positions, and maintain market position.

Stay Ahead of Critical Trends –  Better understand both U.S. and global market movements and identify opportunities as they emerge.

Improve Inventory Modeling – Near real-time chemical trade data allows for more accurate projections – improving inventory management and enabling more lean and efficient operations.

Datamyne’s research platform provides simplified search and analysis and reveals trade details, including value-added fields such as TEUs, calculated values, and unified shipper and consignee company names and contact details

Transportation and Logistics Providers Importers/Wholesalers Global Companies Financial Services Legal Services Government and Public Sectors Energy Industry Chemicals Industry Food and Beverage Industry Manufacturers

Easy access with expert support, all at an affordable price, to the largest searchable trade database in the world.

Call us at 833.262.2315 or ASK US for a free demo of our full range of international business intelligence solutions.

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