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Trade Data Infographics Library

View all Datamyne’s infographics based on our global import and export data.

See every trade data infographic produced by Datamyne. Graphics explore the trade of bananas, alcohol, US ports, global climate change’s impacts on trade flows, even Valentine’s Day-themed imports.

Trade Data Infographics west coast ports strike back

A Toy Story of US Imports Infographic

A Toy Story of US Imports FAQs: C’mon, are kids still playing with toys? Despite the fact that your child can likely run circles around you on a smartphone or tablet, kids actually still play with toys (although they seem to be more brand conscious).

Trade Data Infographics west coast ports strike back

How Climate Change Impacts Trade (Now): Infographic

Add climate change to factors that shape global trade. Our infographic shows 6 cases of climate change impacts on trade now, from rising US imports of shrimp and oysters to shortages of coffee, tea and beer brewery hops. Based on 2015-16 US, Costa Rican, EU and South African trade data.

Trade Data Infographics west coast ports strike back

West Coast Ports Strike Back

Imports through the port of Los Angeles increased 36% January through February of 2016 and 30% through the port of Long Beach, compared with the same time period in 2015. This infographic visualizes the extreme difference in imports at West, East and Gulf Coast ports from the beginning of 2015 vs. early 2016.

Trade Data Infographics alcohol

All about Alcohol: Infographic on US Liquor Trade

How much hard alcohol does America import and export? The United States is far and away the top importer of liquor, with 2014 imports of $7.19 billion (CIF value). Click to view the full infographic and read more about the US trade of liquor, top alcohols, and countries traded with.

Trade Data Infographics valentine day

Valentine’s Day | Most Popular Imports

What are the most popular gifts given on Valentine’s day? This graphic shows US import trends of flowers, perfumes, candy and more common V-day gifts. Discover key companies importing Valentine’s goods and other fun facts about Valentine imports.

trade data infographics banana

US Import Trade in Bananas

View details of the United State’s trade of bananas. Bananas are by far the top fruit Americans import. This graphic shows a full picture of US banana imports, the top importers and suppliers, ports of export and origin, countries traded with and more.

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