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US Import Data:
For Unique Insights into Buying and Selling in the World’s Leading Market

Datamyne US Import Data Is:

Authoritative, Detailed,
First to be Released

The US imports commodities and merchandise from over 240 distinct geographic markets. Inbound shipments may be headed for US consumer markets or moving along global supply lines that crisscross national borders. The US is the world’s third-ranked (after the EU and China) exporter/importer of intermediate goods. By value, the US takes the largest share of global imports overall.

With our US import data, you can uncover the workings of this global economic engine: the who, what, when and where of US trade with the rest of the world.

Let us show you how you can use our US Import data:

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Palm Oil Maritime US import data Month by Month 2011-13

US import bill of lading with callouts from us customs import records

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Accurate US customs import data and US customs import records – available here first

  • Original US customs import records are released online one day after receiving them from US Customs – making our US import data the earliest available anywhere.
  • Collected directly from the bills of lading filed by ocean carriers with CBP.
  • Our ISO-certified data center ensures adherence to the highest standards for accuracy and reliability.
  • Our processing cycle, during which original bills are enhanced with value-added fields, such as country of origin, place of receipt, container type and size, and NVOCC/VOCC identification, is 7 days.
  • US import bill of lading data is available back to 2004.

Turbo-charged search and analysis

  • An expansive choice of parameters, filters, and navigational controls makes it simple to conduct complex search.
  • Build and edit search queries, immediately preview search results, sum results by parties to the trade, origins or destinations, monthly totals, and more.
  • Drill down to the individual bills of lading that underlie the statistics.
  • Download all data to your Excel* spreadsheets for further analysis.

Timely, reliable, comprehensive data to drive your competitive strategies to success

  • Identify and qualify potential trading partners.
  • Uncover opportunities to sell your products or services.
  • Track your own shipments.
  • Locate alternate sources of supply.
  • Analyze and manage supply chain risks.
  • Gain competitive intelligence.
  • Detect trade irregularities – including gray market transactions, diverted shipments, IP infringements.

*Excel is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation

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