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US Import Data:
For Unique Insights into Buying and Selling in the World’s Leading Market

The US imports commodities and merchandise from over 240 distinct geographic markets. Inbound shipments may be headed for US consumer markets or moving along global supply lines that crisscross national borders. The US is the world’s third-ranked (after the EU and China) exporter/importer of intermediate goods. By value, the US takes the largest share of global imports overall. Let us show you how you can use our US Import data.

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Datamyne US Import Data Is:

Authoritative, Detailed, First to be Released Import Records and U.S. Customs Data

With our US import data, you can uncover the workings of this global economic engine:
the who, what, when and where of US trade with the rest of the world.



Platform Overview




dtm api icon enhance company dataRealize Clear Competitive Advantage
Descartes DatamyneTM is powered by the world’s largest searchable trade database, covering global commerce of 230 markets across 5 continents, that allows users to discover current market trends with a simple search.


dtm api icon complete taskDiscover Actionable Intelligence
Descartes Datamyne’s extensive trade data resources set the industry standard for accuracy, reliability, and reach. Users can quickly analyze current market trends, supply and demand indicators, and alternate suppliers.


dtm api icon targeted listReveal Current & Reliable Trade Data
Our solution is updated with the latest fully-processed and verified trade data available. U.S. maritime imports are refreshed daily with data available 24 hours after receipt from Customs.


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What our customers are saying:

Platt Brothers has been in business since 1797, and you don’t have that kind of longevity without being keenly aware of what your competition is doing. Datamyne provides excellent reports and customer service to help us remain on top of our game and continue to grow and change with the times. We’ve tried other import tracking services over the years but Datamyne remains peerless within the industry.

– Dave Berardinelli, Platt Brothers

One strength of Datamyne over others is that they have excellent customer service. … Premium Ingredients is an importer and distributor of fine chemicals. We’ll go into Datamyne and see how much business a company doing in the US. If they’re not doing a lot of business in the US, that’s an opportunity for us. Maybe we can work with them to grow their business.

– Ron Juergens, Prinova (formerly Premium Ingredients International)