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Tracking Tesla Trade Data

Category: Markets, Trade Data

Our new report on US exports of Tesla Model S electric cars provides a month-by-month count of how many vehicles shipped and their destinations January through December 2014.

[May 12, 2015: Datamyne has refined its methodology for tracking Tesla exports since this first issue of our report. Learn why and what’s changed in Tuned-up: Tesla Model S Export Data Tracking. –Datamyne  Blog editor.]

Based on Datamyne US import-export bill of lading data, the Tesla trade data tracks the electric car maker’s activities in markets around the world.

Tesla’s top export countries, as revealed by the data, aren’t surprising. China is by far its largest market.

Second-ranked Netherlands and fifth-ranked Norway, though relatively small countries, are big buyers of electric vehicles, with battery cars accounting for more than 3% of auto sales in the Netherlands and 13% in Norway last year, according to Hybridcars.

Tesla Trade Data Market Share Pie Chart

At Numbers 3 and 4, respectively, Hong Kong’s and Australia’s entry into the top ranks is based largely (in Australia’s case, exclusively) on shipments in the fourth-quarter, the period Tesla targeted for entry into these markets.

[May 12, 2015: Compare this with the pie chart obtained with our refined methodology using VINs in Tuned-up: Tesla Model S Export Data Tracking. – Datamyne Blog editor.]

Tesla watchers tracking the trade data would have been able to follow the shift in deliveries to these new markets … and away from China.

Indeed, investors might have been spared the shock following comments from CEO Elon Musk about the company’s sluggish sales in China, which triggered a one-day 6% stock price drop in mid-January, by looking at monthly shipments to China. While China is the biggest market for cars in the world and a focus of Tesla sales efforts, China was the top export market for Tesla from April to August and then again in October before falling to second place in November and third place in December.

Datamyne is tracking the Tesla trade data on monthly exports of the Model S sedan. To download our [reissued] FREE 2014 report, click here. To inquire about subscribing to our up-to-date monthly report, contact us.



Date posted: April 22, 2015


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