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Datamyne Acquires Zepol

Category: Press Releases

MIAMI – October 27, 2015 – Datamyne (, a leader in global business intelligence based on multinational trade data, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Zepol Corporation, a Minneapolis-based provider of online trade data tools.

“As two tech start-ups launched over the last decade, Datamyne and Zepol helped redefine and revitalize trade data driven business intelligence,” explains Brendan McCahill, Datamyne CEO. “As one, we are positioned to claim leadership in the sector.”

“Both organizations are ranked among the top trade data providers in the highly competitive US market and are groundbreaking innovators in database access, research and analysis technologies,” McCahill says. “Together, our combined assets make us an industry powerhouse and advance our goal of being the world’s largest provider of global commercial trade information.”

McCahill will continue as CEO of Datamyne, and will also lead an integration team that includes Zepol CEO Paul Rasmussen. Zepol offices and data facilities will be incorporated in the Datamyne network.
“Global market dynamics demand that information providers offer a bounty of trade data content and resources. Joining Datamyne allows us to give our customers a view of global trade that is more comprehensive and more finely detailed,” says Rasmussen.

“We couldn’t be more excited to offer our customers the expanded resources of a now stronger company,” adds McCahill. “We expect the new talent and data assets in Minneapolis will help us accelerate product development and set the standard for decision-making support of global marketing, transport, logistics and supply chain management.”

About Datamyne
Founded in 1992 with the aim of clearly and accurately documenting import-export transactions in the Americas, Datamyne has since claimed a top-ranked position in the highly competitive US market for trade data. Datamyne today offers the best value in business intelligence: easy access, with expert support, at an affordable price, to the world’s largest searchable trade database. Learn more at

About Zepol
Zepol is a Minnesota-based company that provides US import and export data. Zepol’s data provides competitive intelligence, market research, lead generation, sourcing, and trade compliance to positively impact organizations’ profitability.

Lisa Wallerstein
Vice President of Marketing, Datamyne
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