by | Aug 23, 2011 | Markets, Trade Policy

Ambassador to the US Arturo Sarukhan plugs benefits of NAFTA

Over the next few days, Ambassador Sarukhan promises to deliver – via twitter – powerful examples of how trade with Mexico benefits the US economy and helps create US jobs.

Here are some of the examples he’s provided so far:

  • Mexico is the top export market for California, with 14.7% of the state’s exports being purchased by Mexico.
  • Over $150 billion in US exports to Mexico contribute to generating approximately $300 billion in US GDP.
  • US exports to Mexico grew 293% in the last decade, bolstering trade,  investment and job creation in the US.
  • For each dollar China buys from the US, NAFTA partners Mexico & Canada buy $8.00; Mexico buys more US exports than China and Japan combined.

We’ll be following the ambassador’s tweets. But we’d like to offer up our own, based on Datamyne’s Mexican trade data:

  • More than half of Mexican spending on imports goes to the US: 50.68% according to trade data so far (January-May) this year.


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