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The Greek people have voted and now, with Sunday’s referendum resulting in a “No” on bailout terms offered by their country’s creditors, what happens next is in the hands of Greece’s top trading partner.

Germany is reportedly staying tough on debt relief (as reported in the Wall Street Journal) … and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Paris to meet with French President François Hollande to discuss strategy ahead of tomorrow’s Eurozone summit.

Our global trade data on Greece shows Germany ranks first among the country’s trade partners with US$2,128,591,614 in total trade, accounting for 10% of all Greek trade, in first quarter 2015.

Here’s a quick look at our data on Greek trade over the last 9 quarters, as well as its top imports, import sources, exports, and export markets as of 1Q2015:

Greece Ranked 49 in Global Trade

Greece's Top Imports

Greece's Top Exports

Greece Import Countries of Origin TABLE

Greece Export Country Markets TABLE

To see more trade data on Greece, including US import bill of lading data on importers, shippers and carriers in this trade, just ask us.


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