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Covering trade & transport, with tips on using import-export data to advantage

Global Trade Finance and Profit: Descartes Launches New Product for Banks

Descartes adds market research geared to the global trade finance marketplace to help companies reduce risk and discover new business potential.

Trade finance is central to the flow of goods. It is trade finance that makes it possible for importers, exporters, intermediaries and others to move product across borders.

Add complex supply chains, growing supplier networks, evolving sanctions policies, rapidly shifting sourcing locations and currency fluctuations to the mix, and the result can spell trouble for banks trying to manage risk.

In this environment, banks must be nimble and research-focused not only to discover the right matches for financial products, but to minimize liability. Taking the pulse of trade patterns and unwinding complex supply chain relationships is critical to the trade financier.

In short, banks must balance the need to secure business against the need to minimize risk. Current, expertly-reviewed, import and export information can help strike that balance.

There are three critical areas in which trade data can help banks succeed. With trade data, banks are better positioned to:

  • Reduce risk: In addition to the standard credit report, banks need to review the shipment patterns of potential clients before doing businesses. Adding a layer of due diligence to verify cross-border trade can help minimize exposure.
  • Discover new business: In a well-serviced and highly competitive market, banks cannot afford to react passively to credit requests. Actively finding the right clients based upon location, product or volume is essential to remain in the black.
  • Monitor competitive activities: Keeping tabs on competitive activities not only makes sound commercial sense, but can reveal areas for future growth.

Raw trade data alone is not enough to fulfill the needs of banks. A solution is required to transform information into actionable business intelligence. When a trend is emerging, banks need to quickly identify patterns and reveal anomalies from within an intuitive platform.

With the right technology in place, banks can be better prepared to drive down liability and boost profit.

Descartes Datamyne™ for Banks

We are pleased to launch Descartes Datamyne™ for Banks, an intuitive, web-based platform populated with the detailed trading activities and business profiles of U.S. importers, exporters and their trading partners. With current and accurate data on 600,000+ shippers sourced from maritime Bills of Lading (BOLs), banks can rapidly discover trends through intuitive filtering and reporting, locate new sources for business, analyze the competitive outlook and more.

Request a demo to take a closer look at the solution in action.

Date posted: December 7, 2017


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