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On the Way: Fresh Grapes Imported from Chile

Category: Imports

’Tis the season for (no, not Santa, that’s next week) … fresh grapes imported from Chile!

As the Northern Hemisphere swings into winter, shipments of fruit from the Southern Hemisphere ramp up. Leader of the pack, the first Chilean table grapes have shipped, reports Fresh Fruit Portal. From the winter holidays through income tax day in the spring, if you’re eating fresh grapes in the US, odds are they were harvested in Chile.

Fresh grapes imported from Chile, top US source for this top agricultural import

ASOEX (Asociación de Exportadores de Chile) expects normal export volumes in the 2015-16 season. Based on last year’s monthly ranking reports of US agricultural imports, we expect grapes to rank among the top 5 to 10 ag imports, and lead the fruit category, through first-quarter 2016.

Chilean (and Peruvian) grapes ship by sea, while Mexican grapes come to the US overland. So our bill of lading data on US waterborne trade provides a wealth of detail on grapes imported from Chile.

We’ve put together some highlights – including the top 10 importers, shippers and carriers – as well as 5-year trend data in a free Tops in Trade Report on US Imports of Grapes from Chile (just click the title to download).

If you would like to see more details on trade in grapes – or any other agricultural commodity shipping from South America – just ask us.



Date posted: December 17, 2015


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