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Foodie Fad Fading? Wall Street Journal Cites Datamyne Trade Data on Quinoa

Category: Industry Coverage

It may be good for you, but there’s a backlash against quinoa, reports the Wall Street Journal in a truly entertaining article by Miriam Jordan about the “mother grain of the Incas” that has been touted as a superior alternative to bulgur wheat, couscous and rice.

Perhaps it’s been touted a bit too much. Detractors aren’t just taking aim at quinoa (“there’s a certain undeliciousness to the stuff”) but the “blind devotion” of its fanbase.

That fanbase may be shrinking. The WSJ cites Datamyne trade data in charting the rapid rise and current drop in US imports of quinoa.

Correction 9/18/13: The fad may fade, but imports of quinoa are not. An erroneous record from US Customs, source for Datamyne’s US import database, overstated the size of a 2011 shipment, resulting in the inflated total imports for 2011 originally reported. In fact, quinoa imports to the US totaled 3,406 tons in 2011 and rose in 2012. –Editor

Read the Wall Street Journal’s September 13, 2013 article >



  1. Hey didn’t you guys miscalculate the numbers you gave WSJ by more than doubling what the numbers should have been?

  2. Hi Jesse!

    As the 9/18/13 correction above (and on the linked reprint) notes, the overstatement of US imports of quinoa in 2011 originally reported wasn’t the result of a miscalculation but due to an erroneous input from US Customs.

    Datamyne has the same source for US import raw data – US Customs bills of lading – as all trade data providers, including PIERS, the data provider for which you work. As your PIERS colleagues will no doubt tell you, errors from authoritative sources, such as US Customs, are rare, but they do happen. We regret we didn’t catch the quinoa shipment error sooner, but we did catch it and (publicly) correct it. –Editor

    Datamyne Blog Editor - September 23, 2013, 8:34 am