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Datamyne Moves International Trade Databases to Drag-and-Drop Platform

Category: Press Releases

Once again … you asked, we listened and we delivered!

MIAMI – December 3, 2009 The Datamyne has completed the last of a multi-stage migration of its international trade databases
to a new software platform that features The Datamyne’s unique drag-and-drop utility for framing search
queries and ordering and analyzing search results.

Drag and drop functionality is not only easily mastered, it also enables the user to create complex
search inquiries, specifying (or filtering out) multiple search criteria or dimensions [see the accompanying table for details].

The new database access and analysis platform also employs the Lucene search engine, chosen for its
accuracy in interpreting “wild card” search terms, its flexibility in dealing with variant or close
matches, and its accelerated speed in obtaining results.

The Datamyne now offers databases covering Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China,

Colombia, Ecuador, Japan, Peru, and Uruguay via its drag and drop platform.
The Datamyne’s Drag-and-Drop Platform Supports

Greater Ease of Use and More Complex Searches

Previously: Classic Search Tool. New! Drag-and-Drop Search.
Search results rankings limited to product, country, or company. No limits on the search criteria that may be used to rank search results
[*Available search criteria vary by country].
Product search is limited to 10-digit HS code searching … and only one code can be searched at a time. More product search options: search text OR by 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-digit HS Code AND search multiple HS codes simultaneously or by key word.
Rankings filters limited to product, country, or company. No limits on search criteria that may be used to filter rankings.
Filter settings limited to a single value. Filters may be set to multiple values simultaneously – including values from different search criteria.
Rankings over multiple years limited to a single product OR a single company. Rankings over multiple years available for all criteria.
Choice of ranking time period limited to either one month or one year. Choice of ranking time periods expanded can be any number of months, or quarters, halves or full years.
Rankings can only be displayed one measure at a time. All selected measures used in rankings displayed simultaneously.
Detail access filtering limited to a small set of criteria. No limts on criteria that may be used in detail access filtering.
Detail access setting limited to a single filter value per criterion. Detail access may be set to multiple filter values simultaneously – including values from different search criteria.
Description searches based on database text mining are slow, lack flexibility. Lucene engine searches are more flexible and much faster.

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