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Datamyne Resource Center

Covering trade & transport, with tips on using import-export data to advantage

OJ on Ice

A January cold snap spikes the price of citrus  Latest assessments from the U.S. Department of Agriculture put the loss to Florida citrus growers from January’s cold snap at 7.4 million boxes of fruit at minimum — this on top of a harvest…

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Tainted Tomatoes

Category: Data Applications

Fraud steals into the food supply chain  Kraft Foods is just one of the higher-profile victims of a scheme to sell millions of pounds of moldy or otherwise defective tomato products. Federal prosecutors say more than 55 companies may have inadvertently moved the tainted shipments through…

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Engine for growth

Category: Exports, Trade Policy

Betting that more exports = more jobs The Obama administration’s National Export Initiative (NEI) aims to double U.S. exports over the next five years by expanding government promotion efforts. The ultimate goal is job creation. As the Economic Report of the President concludes: “If consumption and…

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Cloudy with a chance of …

Category: Indicators, Resources

Trade outlook depends on the dollar’s rise and fall Back from a three-day weekend you might have picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday to find the U.S. dollar had strengthened relative to the euro, the result of a crisis of confidence…

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Trade Winds – The Americas

Category: Markets, Resources

Still some room at the forumOne of the most important regions for U.S. exports is the Americas, market for more than $525 billion in U.S. merchandise in 2008. The Trade Winds Forum, to be held this year in São Paulo April 25-30, is the signature event of…

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The Datamyne Top 5

Category: Exports, Trade Policy

Top U.S. Export Markets “We will double our exports over the Next five years…” – President Obama, SOTUS, January 27 Here’s where we start: Top Countries of Destination 2009 – JAN to NOV – FOB Value US$

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The Big Squeeze

Category: Transport

Coping with capacity shortages and rising rates By Bill Armbruster The Problems: • Shippers are facing severe shortages of vessel capacity. Even some who have booked shipments weeks in advance and who are regular customers have had their containers “rolled” at the piers because container carriers…

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