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Covering trade & transport, with tips on using import-export data to advantage

Complimentary White Paper: Global Trade Data-as-a-Service for Competitive Advantage

Category: Trade Data

Register to download the analysis on how to use global trade data to drive growth.

Trade content; including classification, valuation, market research and sanctions data; tended to be siloed in a single system or department and only used for a narrow set of tasks.  Today, the new paradigm is to transform trade information into an opportunity to drive growth, lower total landed cost, and add competitive advantage. This can only be achieved by tapping services that mirror business requirements.

Register to download the white paper produced in collaboration with ChainLink Research, “Using Global Trade Data-as-a-Service for Competitive Advantage,” that covers:

  • Why now is the time to use trade data to drive growth
  • The challenges of a do-it-yourself approach
  • Why it’s critical to get trade data into business systems and operations the right way
  • Ecommerce, and today’s applications for trade data
  • How to reduce risk, minimize duty spend and discover new business opportunities with the right solution
  • Using trade data for marketing, sales and business growth
  • How get started with trade data as-a-service at a practical level

The piece will explore how to leverage trade data to:

  • Locate  more qualified leads to create a healthy sales pipeline
  • Enhance the ecommerce user experience and minimize fees
  • Lower total landed cost
  • Minimize supply chain disruptions
  • Boost competitive intelligence and discover what the competition is doing

Download the white paper, “Using Global Trade Data-as-a-Service for Competitive Advantage”

Date posted: May 3, 2018


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