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Datamyne’s Latin American data shows Pacific trade bloc’s commerce surpasses Mercosur’s

MIAMI – June 12, 2013 – Datamyne, a leading provider of international market intelligence, has released two reports providing statistics on the 2012 import-export trade of Latin America’s leading trade blocs: the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur.

The Pacific Alliance’s May 23 Cali, Colombia Summit, capped by an agreement to eliminate tariffs on 90% of its four members’ merchandise trade, has prompted comparisons of Latin America’s brand-new trade bloc with the decades-old common market of the south known as Mercosur.

“Our reports provide a quick look at the trade conducted by each bloc’s members last year,” says Lisa Wallerstein, Datamyne vice president of marketing. “The reports can serve as a benchmark against which to measure and compare the commercial performance of the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur going forward.”

Datamyne’s Quick Look @ Pacific Alliance Trade covers the Alliance’s member nations: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. The Quick Look @ Mercosur report covers Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Each report covers the current top trading partners, share of trade (comparing US, China, EU, Mercosur, and the Alliance), and top imports and exports by value of each member country. According to the reports’ trade statistics, the Pacific Alliance members’ total import-export trade in 2012 was valued at US$1.084 trillion; Mercosur members’ trade totaled US$702 billion.

The reports are available for free download (with registration) at Datamyne’s Free Report Library:

About Datamyne

Founded in 1992 with the aim of clearly and accurately documenting import-export transactions in the Americas, Datamyne claims a top-ranked position in the highly competitive U.S. market for trade data.

Datamyne today offers the best value in business intelligence: easy access, with expert support, at an affordable price, to the world’s largest searchable trade database. Built and maintained by an international team, Datamyne covers the cross-border commerce of some 50 countries on 5 continents.

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