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Where 500,000+ companies on both sides of US import trade do business

MIAMI – February 7, 2014 – Datamyne has teamed with ESRI to create a cloud-based solution that shows where companies engaged in US import trade are located on a map and includes links to comprehensive information about their businesses.

Subscribers to ESRI’s ArcGIS product will soon be able to access content from Datamyne’s Profiles product, which offers business demographics, decision-maker contacts, and trade statistics for more than 500,000 US and foreign companies in global commerce. The new offering in ESRI’s online store is in beta now and scheduled for release in the second quarter.

“ESRI’s geographic information software products unlock ‘the power of where,’ while Datamyne Profiles reveal who is buying and selling what products,” explains Lisa Wallerstein, Datamyne’s vice president of marketing.

“With GIS mapping of the players in US trade, you can see clearly where commercial activity is concentrated and where it is underdeveloped,” Wallerstein continues. “You can spot where companies are clustered and grasp the geographic range of long-distance assembly lines and vertical industries.”

According to Wallerstein, the beta version of Datamyne Profiles for ArcGIS has tested especially well with economic development professionals who want to identify foreign direct investment opportunities. “They can map their regions and easily spot foreign companies whose shipment volumes might justify investment in a local plant or distribution facility,” she adds.

Datamyne Profiles for ArcGIS can also be used for sourcing, sales prospecting, and market research. A 2.0 version in development will offer additional data expressly for logistics and transport services.

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