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Category Archive: Trade Data

Charts and Graphs: Brazil’s Buying

Category: Markets, Trade Data

Here are some snapshots of Brazil’s import trade this year As Bill Armbruster discusses in What Brazil Is Buying, while China has roared past the US to become Brazil’s top trade partner, the US is still Brazil’s top source for imports (at least for first half 2011).  Also below,…

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Argentina Uncorks Exports

Wine exports are “growing like crazy.” But protectionism could stopper trade. by Bill Armbruster, blog anchor Argentina surged ahead of Chile to become the third largest source of US table wine imports during the first quarter, according to the National Association of Beverage Importers, trailing only Italy and Australia. Sales were…

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Japan’s Chemical Reaction

Category: Markets, Trade Data

Trade data captures disruptions in Japan’s organic chemicals exports In our last follow-up on Japan’s triple disaster in March (“Gauging Japan Disaster’s Impact”), we quoted Port of Long Beach spokesman Art Wong on the repercussions for container trade: “Ships take about two weeks to cross the ocean, plus goods were…

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China’s LATAM Connection

Category: Markets, Trade Data

China hitches its growth to emerging market economies The recent HVAC Online story (in which Datamyne stats are cited) on the heat-driven spurt in Colombian imports of Chinese mini split ACs reminds us again just how much and how quickly China has invested itself in Latin American markets. The region…

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China Beckons GMOs

Category: Markets, Trade Data

Sinochem and Monsanto talk about joint venturing Sinochem, China’s state-owned chemicals conglomerate and top exporter, and Monsanto, the US-based provider of agrochemicals and biotechnology aimed at increasing farm productivity, are reported (by the Wall Street Journal) to be talking about expanding their relationship. We’ve covered both companies before: Monsanto because…

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Bruised Rep

Category: Imports, Trade Data

Not another Weiner story: this time it’s homegrown apples A Wall Street Journal story that the US Department of Agriculture found residues of 48 different pesticides in a recent sampling of apples bruises the reputation (and possibly sales) of America’s second most popular fruit. Unlike the top choice, bananas, most apples…

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Made in Korea?

Gearing up to crack down on false claims to FTA tariff treatment The Korea Customs Service (KCS) announced it is proactively starting to prohibit third-party goods from falsely claiming Korean origin. This in expectation that false claims will rise as free trade agreements with the EU and the…

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