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Powered by import and export bills of lading as well as aggregate Census data, Descartes Datamyne provides in-depth business insights into United States trade data to help organizations with trend analysis, and search for potential buyers and sellers of your products including contact details.

Bills of Lading:

U.S. Bills of Lading data is the fastest-available trade information, added 24 hours after the shipment has been processed.

With a comprehensive U.S. import and export bills of lading database, you can identify and rank the top trade commodities by volume; gauge market impact and monitor potential disruptions; track market activities for individual companies, industries, and products; and locate the top carriers and ports in these countries.

Summarized U.S. Census Trade Data

Available one to two months after receipt from official sources, our highly detailed aggregate Census Data provides the most accurate snapshot of a country’s import and export trends.

Our U.S. Census database allows for detailed analysis of trends and the top traded commodities down to the 8-digit HS Code along with associated duty rates – enabling the most in-depth market research available.

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Fastest Available and Most Comprehensive U.S. Trade Database

Descartes Datamyne provides authoritative and detailed trade data for the United States faster than anywhere else on the market. Original U.S. import records are released one day after receipt from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Export data is gathered directly from the electronic manifest filed by ocean carriers with CBP and is updated every week.

Our U.S. trade data is further refined to provide customers with the trade insights they need. Import and export records are cleaned and enhanced with value-added fields, such as country of origin, place of

receipt, container type and size, NVOCC, VOCC identification, TEUs, and more. This cleansing is done through our ISO-certified data centers to ensure the highest standards for accuracy and reliability.

In addition, our U.S. import database is equipped with turbo-charged search and analysis capabilities. Expansive search parameters, filters, and navigational controls allow users to conduct complex searches and drill down to exactly the data they need.

Easy access with expert support, at an affordable price, to the largest searchable trade database in the world.

Descartes Datamyne™ unlocks the value of trade data for business by delivering the latest available import and export information. Content is delivered in a format that makes it easy to research and analyze for unique market insights. Our trade data resources set the industry standard for accuracy, reliability and comprehensiveness.