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Russia Trade Data | Detailed Import/Export Shipment Information

Keep an Eye on Russia Trade Data, One of the Global Economy’s Top Wild Cards with Current Market Data

Datamyne Russia Import-Export Data is a reliable source for the latest-available commercial intelligence that identifies Russian companies, their cross-border customers and suppliers, and the products they are buying and selling.

From riding the crest of the BRICS-driven wave of growth to sparking a geopolitical crisis that resulted in a round of retaliatory trade embargoes, Russia has demonstrated its ability to disrupt and reshape global markets.

Russia led the world in cutting imports by more than a third in 2015 – causing erstwhile suppliers in Europe and the Americas to scramble for new markets. The oil-producer also saw the value of its exports drop 32% in 2015. Russia has so far chosen not to work with OPEC on oil production and pricing strategy – another closely watched global economic wild card. You can track the impact of whatever happens next, in the trade data.

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Use Datamyne Russia trade data to mitigate risks and spot opportunities that market shifts create:

  • Monitor demand for your products in Russia and its markets.
  • Identify and evaluate Russian companies as prospective trading partners or competitors.
  • Analyze current commercial data for insights into Russian economic trends.
  • Base supply chain resilience strategies on the latest shipment data.


About Russia Trade Data from Customs Sources

This is authoritative data covering Russian import and export trade via truck, rail, air, and ocean. It offers the details of Russia’s cross-border transactions via our easy-to-use online interface.

Russia Data Features Include:

  • Product HS descriptions
  • Product and Brand detail (in Russian)
  • Quantity, unit type and CIF Value (USD & RUB)
  • Countries of origin and destination
  • Names of Russian importing and exporting companies and their trading partners
  • Excel reporting

Our current Russia trade data is available starting from January 2015 and is updated each month with a 2-month lag. Historical data is available from January 2013 through April 2014. Our trade database of Russian shipments is on track to grow by approximately 12 million records per year.

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